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Sustainable Investing

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Many people care deeply about sustainability and socially responsible initiatives. At Financial Partners of TN, we bring these key pillars into our investing strategies. Sustainable investing revolves around responsible environmental, social and governance practices.

Environmentally Sustainable Investing

The first aspect of ESG investing involves selecting companies that have a positive impact on the Earth’s environment:

Energy Efficient Manufacturing

Sustainability of Natural Resources, including Smart Water Management

Climate Change Goals

Reduction in Carbon Emissions

As an investor, there can also be economic benefits to backing green businesses. ESG practices make brands more attractive to modern clients and can increase productivity as well.

Responsible Corporate Governance

Corporate governance practices involve the reputation businesses have for their accounting and management strategies:

Transparency in Accounting & Reporting

Executive Pay & Bonuses

Board Structure & Practices

Employee Treatment, Wages & Benefits

Often, governance factors are closely tied to sustainability and social responsibility.

Responsible Social Governance

Social initiatives focus on the well-being of workers and communities:

Gender Equality & Human Rights

Health Care Accessibility

Fair Trade Programs

Responsible Labor Practices

Some businesses also support local communities, invest in youth programs or provide support for schools and nonprofit organizations.

Expertise in Sustainable Investments

Whether you want to support environmentally friendly businesses or simply see excellent opportunities in sustainable investing, our High-Impact Portfolios can be an excellent fit for your goals.

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